BHS baseball out of state tourney

After multiple rain delays and changes of fields, Bayfield baseball lost their second round of state play this morning 2-0 to Valley High School.

They played a good game, parents are reporting from Greeley.

Heckuva season guys, we are proud of you!



Dylan Redwine's family appears again on Dr. Phil

The mother and brother of missing Dylan Redwine say they believe Dylan's father, Mark Redwine, moved his remains after killing him.


Durango Dylan Redwine's family appears again on Dr. Phil
 Colorado 380x230

A scene from the May 20 episode of 'Dr. Phil.' Elaine Hatfield and Cory Redwine were interviewed on the show about the disappearance and murder of Dylan Redwine. Mark Redwine called into the show and ...


  • Paving county roads wastes money

    I find it frustrating reading about how we need to pave every county road in sight.

    I've heard from avid asphalt enthusiasts about how paving will make all our lives better, however I'm skeptical about their rationale.

    I've heard talk of .

    . "Safety issues"

    . "Health issues"

    . "Vehicle maintenance...
  • Marshal's deputies appreciate community support

    The deputies of the Bayfield Marshal's Office would like to thank the community of Bayfield for recognizing us and showing your appreciation of our service last week during National Police Week. Several members of the community thanked officers individually throughout the week. Members of the community as well as numerous businesses donated time,...
  • Museum honoring WWII vets

    The Pine River Valley Heritage Society Museum is honoring our Bayfield soldiers who gave their lives during WWII that ended in May 1945, 70 years ago in the European Theater. The Pacific Theater ended later in August the same year. A new display at the museum will feature this tragic time in our history.

    Our seasonal opening will be...

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  • The town of Ignacio is considering removing the big spruce tree in front of Town Hall because it's obstructing views as drivers pull out onto Goddard. What do you think?
  • Remove the tree
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  • Trim it back
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