Bayfield hosting workshop on sales tax, fees

Bayfield town trustees continued discussion on Jan. 20 of assorted fee increases on town residents and businesses to help pay for future road maintenance, plus a new monthly fee for drainage infrastructure.

The list of items was reported in the Jan. 16 Times.

It includes raising...



Nutrition guidelines, costs, are school lunch challenges

Federal school lunch nutrition guidelines say what students should be eating. What they will actually eat is another matter, Ignacio food services...

Durango Nutrition guidelines, costs, are school lunch challenges
 Colorado 380x230

First-grade students at Ignacio Elementary School were eating a lunch Tuesday of chicken and noodles, a whole-wheat roll, peas and fruit cocktail.


  • Property tax bills are in mail

    2014 property tax bills have been mailed to all La Plata County property owners. Property taxes are paid retroactively, meaning that 2014 taxes are paid in 2015. It is the property owner's responsibility to pay their property taxes even if a bill is not received. Please contact the treasurer's office if you haven't received your bill by the end...
  • Youth should repair museum damage

    The Pine River Valley Heritage Society Museum was notified by the marshal's office regarding racial epithets and graffiti on our building. We thank the business owner who provided the marshal's office with the video and the responsible parent who recognized his son on the You Tube posting and contacted the marshal's office. We were told that it...
  • Gardner, Tipton claim to be conservative

    I'm interested in our Congressional Representative Scott Tipton's, and Senator Cory Gardner's conservative stances. I know they both espouse smaller federal government reach and support individual rights.

    They both support the Keystone XL pipeline. For this  line to be built would require the federal government to condemn property owned...

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