Wasley unfit? Look who’s talking


As usual, Mac Myers has jumped to conclusions. His contention that Russ Wasley withheld information is laughable. Information was requested the night before the preliminary hearing, and to accommodate, he stayed after hours to copy everything requested and delivered within 24 hours.

How many times did Myers withhold critical information in the Aspen area when he was the DA? Was it about 200 times? From the July 17, 2003, Aspen Daily News, “...Myers has been engaged in a massive coverup of evidence.” Juy 22 Aspen Daily News, “...Myers painted a picture under oath of massive neglect in disclosing the criminal conviction of a former Silt policeman.” July 22 Aspen Daily News, “...(H)e failed repeatedly over 3 1/2 years to supervise the DA’s office and provide leadership on disclosure of damaging info.” July 31 Aspen Daily News, “Judge ruled Myers iolated a defendant’s legal rights. The DA had a 417-page file for over 3 1/2 years on a silt officer convicted of official misconduct for evidence tampering.” (Please Google Aspen Daily News for the full reports.)

In spite of his incompetence, (former) Gov. (Bill) Ritter still appointed Myers as the DA in Montezuma County. What gives him the audacity to say Wasley is unfit. It seems that he is still bitter that Wasley soundly defeated him in the last election, especially since he fired Wasley for not bowing out of the race against him.

Don Etnier